About The Broker, Robert Calistri

We Have Auctioned Homes From $50K to over 
2 Million And They Were Not Distressed Properties.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

I am currently the owner of two real estate companies in Florida. Homes Plus Realty, llc/Real Estate Auctions a Realtor company. The second company (Bob Calistri, llc) is a company that's purpose is to start real estate companies for people who would like to own one. I have been in the real estate business full time for many years with my main focus on commercial properties, residential sales and property management. In 2004 I saw that there would be an upcoming increased market in real estate and became a full time Realtor. With a Brokers license in 2006 I was able to conduct auctions of distressed properties as the real estate market took a down turn. My companies are located in the Tampa/St Pete area and have over 10 agents. My main interest is establishing new real estate companies in Florida for people who wish to own a real estate but do not have a Qualifying Broker's License. I am currently the Broker for over 10 real estate companies throughout Florida and a member of at least 6 Realtor Associations. In the past 6 years I helped almost 70 people start a real estate company in various locations throughout Florida.


Madison I Condo Association

I joined the Board of Directors in Jan. 2008 and became President in Jan 2009 and remained as President for 5 years. Since my election as President the association has reduced expenses by almost 15% and reduced the association condo fees by the same amount. I was able to accomplish this through completive bidding of all contracts and by closely monitoring all expenses.  In Oct. 2010, I settled a lawsuit against the developer of the condo and we received a settlement amount of $400,000 for the association.

Robert Calistri. LLC (2000-2004)

I was a licensed Independent Claims Adjuster / Investigator. All Lines (520 License), defending insurance companies from major losses and fraud. My salary was negotiable and dependent on the complexity of the case I was asked to investigate.

Secur-Shield, LLC  (06/1990 - 2000)
St Petersburg, Fl.
I conducted inspections on behalf of the general contractor, end user, insurance carriers, and others, to establish that the installation of security systems was in accordance with contract specifications, applicable codes, and other criteria. With regard to existing security equipment and systems, I would make recommendations on repair, replacement, and addition of equipment to meet the end user's needs and budget.

Oversee the survey, design, review, and inspection of security systems and programs for high security facilities. I have considerable expertise in securing government and other facilities.

Century Central Station and Security Consulting
(06/1981 - 09/1990)
Staten Island, New York

Our company started with less than 200 accounts that we monitored. In less than 10 years I built the company to almost 11000 Monitored accounts. I had control of all of the passwords, some of the entry codes and all security information for banks, New York Jewelry Exchange and the IRS location in Holtsville, New York. I sold this company in 1990.

AT&T Headquarters, Audits and Security (09/1973 - 06/1981) 

Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Senior Internal Auditor
Audited operational and security functions throughout the bell system.

Consolidated Insurance Companies, Investigator/ Adjuster (07/1965–09/1973)

     All lines of insurance, major cases for BI and PD claims. Handled Fire, death and Disability/Workers Comp. claims.


College of Staten Island (1976)
           Associate of Arts, business

Certified Internal Auditor, AT&T/ Bell System

Licensed Real Estate Broker, Florida

Licensed Claims Adjuster, Florida
            Accredited, University of Central Florida