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Real Estate is a people business, and both Buyers and Sellers look to their Agent for advice, counseling, and help with negotiating.  Real Estate Transactions can be stressful, and if we don't enjoy what we do then there's no reward.  My suggestion is for everyone to find someone they are comfortable with, someone that will listen to them, and someone that will understand their situation.  This makes life easier for everyone involved. Buyers and Sellers as well as other people involved are at times confronted with issues that need to be resolved.  This can be stressful.  This isn't the time to choose Aunt Sally just because she has a license.  You want someone that has a variety of skills, and will always keep your interests first.  Someone that will work with you to help you meet your needs.   

This Is My Business And I Take Pride I It.

My entire business is based on your personal satisfaction and please know how grateful I am to each of you for your referrals! This site is especially for you and anyone you refer to me. I want all of your family, friends and associates to be as convinced as you are of my dedication and superior service and negotiation skills.  And when you find a home that you love you will see that I am an expert Negotiator and will help you obtain the best position and get a better result in the real estate market place.

I Answer More Than 90% Of The Calls I Get.

I contact other Realtor just like you do and find it frustrating when they don’t answer their cell phones or don’t return a call. I try to make myself available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. The best way to reach me is by email or my cell phone since I'm often out previewing properties or showing properties. If you do call and get my voice mail which usually doesn’t happen, because the only time I do not answer my phone is if I am talking to another Client. .I should be able to return your call within no more than a few minutes, depending on the needs of the Clients I am with. I will extend the same courtesy to you when I'm working with you.

<>For more information call Bob Calistri at:
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