About the Company

This Is What Makes Us Unique?

When we list your property it will automatically be carried by the Multi Listing Service, Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow. But most important is that since we own and operate a real estate auction company, we get inquires on our website from all over the world. Also, did you know that most real estate companies charge a fee if you decide to cancel the listing agreement with them. Their fee to cancel the agreement applies even if the company you listed with is not doing their job. We have never charge any fee to cancel a listing agreement and if you are not happy with our effort to sell your property, there will be no cancellation fee. And we will put this in writing

We give free real estate advice with no strings attached. Answers are just an email or phone call away. Most real estate agent have been trained to try and persuade potential buyers or sellers to sign a contract before the real estate agent will give them any information. This is a foolish practice, because if a buyer or seller wants to try and to buyer or sell on their own I think they should try it. They need to understand why we as real estate agents are paid a commission. I think they should put the effort, learn the way to correctly price their home, find out what advertising is correct and gets the best response. I understand this and appreciate that they want to save the commission.

But statics do show that 94% of all real estate is sold by a real estate agent. But this doesn't mean that you can't buy or sell a property by yourself. Rather than fight common sense and human nature for those who are willing to try this, I recognize that it would be better to help them. In exchange for this help, I would like to earn additional business for myself through referrals to friends, relatives and coworkers who may be buying or selling in the future. Or even perhaps from you, if you decide that a do it yourself sale or purchase is taking to long or not working as you originally thought. 

We Have Auctioned Homes From $50K to over 
2 Million And They Were Not Distressed Properties.

Send Us Your Questions and We Will 
Answer Your Real Estate Questions With
 No Obligations Or Solicitations Afterwards.